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It all starts with an idea!

We can help you establish and grow your presence online by creating a professionally designed website or social media page that is custom built for your specific needs.



We specialize in promoting and assisting local business owners with new marketing strategies by developing and maintaining various elements essential for the growth of your business through cost effective and affordable marketing campaigns.

Lexington Marketing Services creates a detailed marketing plan, and identifies the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out. We will monitor results, and tweak as necessary to ensure that your company gets the best results from their marketing campaign.

We will assist you with finding the perfect marketing strategy just for your specific business needs through our 7 step by step analysis.

  1. Identify Your Business Goals

  2. Set up Marketing Objectives

  3. Identify Ideal Customers

  4. Research Competition

  5. Choose Channels & Tactics

  6. Create Content & Strategy

  7. Allocate Budget & Resources

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